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Dear Scrapper:

True Scrap is the galaxy’s ONLY online, live virtual paper crafting event. With inspiration brought right to your desktop, there’s no need to change out of your PJs because you’re logging on, right from home!

All your favorite people and things right in one place. Learn new skills while getting a new take on old favorites! And speaking of old favorites… you’re going to notice many familiar True Scrap instructors as well as some newcomers. Old or new, they’re sure to inspire with a passion for crafting. Can’t wait for you to join us!

Lain Ehmann
Scrapbooking Superhero

P.S. True Scrap is pleased to welcome Simon Says Stamp as our Superhero Sponsor!SSS_2013_sitelogo

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Inspiration and Education from 15 A-list instructors…

Five virtual project make-and-takes…

Pre-Event PJ Party…

Virtual goodie bag…

All for one low price…

All from YOUR computer!

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Get Full Access PLUS PJ Party PLUS Replays for Only $197!

SPECIAL BONUS: Register Before 8/31 and Get FREE Access to True Scrap Young at Heart – 5 Video Classes, a $97 Value, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Instructors (class descriptions here):

[testimonial2 author=”Stephanie Ackerman, Code Name: Trailer Park Marthal” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Ackerman150.jpg”]”Project Miscellany: Playing with Paints, Paper, Stamps, Stitches and More”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Tracy Banks, Code Name: Mercy Tiara” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Banks150.jpg”]”You Can’t Do That… Or Can You? Playing with Photos”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Monica Bradford, Code Name: Washi Woman” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Bradford150.jpg”]”Greatest Hits: The Music of Your Life”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Jennifer Gallacher, Code Name: Double Duty Diva” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Gallacher150.jpg”]”Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun: Creating Two-Page Layouts”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Bev Grey, Code Name: Stamp Savior” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Grey150.jpg”]”Memory-Keeping with Stamps, Dies, and Punches – Oh My!”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Stephenie Hamen, Code Name: Crafty Woman” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Hamen150.jpg”]”From Your Phone to Your Wall: Using Instagram Photos for Canvas Art”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Noell Hyman, Code Name: Designer Girl” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Hyman150.jpg”]”Design Your Story with Bits and Pieces”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Katrina Kennedy, Code Name: Flash” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Kennedy150.jpg”]”The Art of the Everyday: As Seen Through Your Camera Lens”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Layle Koncar, Code Name: Divisible Woman” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Koncar150.jpg”]”Pick a Card, Any Card: Using 3×4 Cards on Your Pages”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Nichol Magouirk, Code Name: The INKcredible Woman” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Magouirk150.jpg”]”Stamp It Up a Notch”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Traci Reed, Code Name: Pixel Pusher and Lain Ehmann, Code Name: Speedy Scrapper” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Reed150.jpg”]”From Pixels to Paper and Back”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Windy Robinson, Code Name: BOWdacious One” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Robinson150.jpg”]”Ribbons and Bows”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Doris Sander, Code Name: Glow Girl” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Sander150.jpg”]”Four Stencils, Four Ways”[/testimonial2]
[testimonial2 author=”Heidi Swapp, Code Name: PinkLady” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Swapp150.jpg”]”The Simple Things: A Creative Journal”[/testimonial2]
[testimonial2 author=”Tammy Tutterow, Code Name: The Tutor” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Tutterow150.jpg”]”Memory Minutes: Documenting Your Stories in Bite-Sized Chunks”[/testimonial2]
and your host…
[testimonial2 author=”Lain Ehmann, Code Name: Super Scrapper” + pic=”https://truescrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/lain-008-bwsmall.jpg”]The Hostess with the Mostest[/testimonial2]

WIndy Robinson 1

What you’ll get:

-Full admission to all 15 classes, live

-Five virtual make-and-take short project videos

-Eternal access to class recordings to view at your convenience

-More fun than you can shake a stick at AND extra goodies!

…And you’ll get this
all for the low price of $197!

(that’s less than $10 per session!)

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#000000″]Registration NOW OPEN!![/headline_cufon_font_centered]

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What others said about True Scrap:

[testimonial1 author=”Laura Vegas”]“I had a lot of fun…Like chatting with friends. I’ve been downloading some of the handouts, and watching a few videos…You put on a great event!”[/testimonial1][testimonial1 author=”Kristin”]“I’m enjoying…going through the videos. You are so wonderful – organized AND you make it fun for everyone.””[/testimonial1][testimonial1 author=Tobey]”It was the most awesome event and I would do it again and again and again. I was so impressed with all the classes and the videos and the make and takes. The videos really made it professional. After it was over each day, my daughter and I Skype-scrapped together trying out some of the new things we learned. We talked about the classes and all the events of the day. It was just wonderful. All and all it was the best scrapbook retreat we have EVER attended. Again thank you for your diligence and hard work.”[/testimonial1] [testimonial1 author=Deb]”I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun, all the while learning some great tips and tricks. I am so looking forward to the next event.  The content for this event encompassed so many topics from color to texture to design to photography to journaling – can’t imagine what would make the next event better. Found great inspiration in every presentation. Thanks again!”[/testimonial1] [testimonial1 author=Laura B.]”I just wanted to thank you for putting this together. I am the world’s worst scrapbooking student… seriously, I pay for classes, get behind before they begin and never catch up. This worked SO well for me. I took the advice from Katrina’s class and took much better photos at soccer yesterday. That alone was worth the price of the whole weekend.”[/testimonial1] [testimonial1 author=Colleen H.]”You said it would be great. You were so right. I loved it. I’ve never participated in anything like it before. You put together a wonderful online collection of classes. I picked up all sorts of big and little information that will help my scrapping, decorating, crafting future. Thanks again. Big hugs.”[/testimonial1][testimonial1 author=Donna B. (no relation to Laura B.)]”Thanks for all the work and effort you put into making True Scrap such a fun and educational weekend. I loved every minute of it. Every class was wonderful, the chats were fun and I think my brain was on overload by the end of the weekend. Looking forward to the next one.”[/testimonial1] [testimonial1 author=”Susanne”]”Lain, it ROCKED!!!!!  Absolutely brilliant.  LOVED it :)”[/testimonial1] [testimonial1 author=”Kristin”]”Wow. My schedule was off, so I only was able to see two live sessions. But I can’t wait to watch all of the recordings because I learned so much just from those two!! Tremendous effort and energy obviously went into putting together this professional and FUN event! Thank you, thank you!”[/testimonial1] [testimonial1 author=”Elin”]”Thank you for arranging such a wonderful event! Thank you for all your hard work putting True Scrap together.”[/testimonial1] [testimonial1 author=”Marie-Pierre”]“…hats off to you!! I had a great time!!!! Thank you! thank you! thank YOU!!!”[/testimonial1] [testimonial1 author=”Anna Aspnes”]”It was awesome, Lain. :)”[/testimonial1]  

Registration NOW OPEN!


How It Works:

On October 11-12, fifteen instructors will share high-def video classes with you, live, in our state-of-the-art webroom. By signing up for True Scrap 5, you’ll receive exclusive access to our private webroom where you can hobnob with the rich and famous (okay, the not-so-rich and kind of famous!) and hundreds of other fanatical papercrafters, just like you!

This is the ONLY event of its kind in the world where you can learn from the best and most inspiring crafters, LIVE, right from your own home. And yes, everything is recorded so you won’t miss a thing – even if you have to take the ferret to his Irish step dancing class!

You’ll receive full access to all the classes, the make and takes, and the digital goodie bag, all for one low price.  If you still have questions, check out our FAQ page or email us at lain@layoutaday.com!