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Dear Scrapper:

Couldn’t make True Scrap 4 but want to scoop up some great content? Well, you are in the right spot! We’re proud to offer each class individually to let you create your own custom event. Purchase only the classes you want. Get immediate access to over 20 hours of video instruction. Watch from the comfort of your own home!

Lain Ehmann
Scrapbook Superhero
Producer, True Scrap

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Dirty Fingers, Clean Design: Messy Techniques with Clean and Simple Results with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Grab your paints and inks and get ready to play!  Even if you’re more of a clean and simple scrapper, there are tons of fun ways to splash around with paint and ink while creating scrapbook pages that will fit your style. Join Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and get prepared to get down and dirty as you learn to incorporate splashy techniques into your scrapbooks, whatever your style. 

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Art Journaling 101: A Beginner’s Guide with Erin Bassett

Maybe you’ve heard about the latest paper crafting craze, art journaling, but you’re a tad clueless about where to start. Or maybe you’ve already caught the bug but want some additional techniques and ideas. Well, this is the workshop for you!!  Join Erin Bassett as she shares her inspirational art journals, awesome techniques, and journaling prompts that will fire you up to experiment and pour out your thoughts in your art journal.

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All I Really Need to Know About Journaling I Learned in First Grade with Monica Bradford

Former elementary school teacher Monica Bradford says, “All I really need to know about how to live and what to journal and how to write I learned in first grade. Meaningful pages are not at the top of the magazine mountain, but there in the picture pile on my scrap table.

These are the things I learned:

All I need is an idea and a #2 pencil to begin

Story is more important than perfect grammar

A good book can be a great example

Sentence starters are for everyone

If first graders can do this…so can I.”

Join Monica as she shares these tips and more as she helps you simplify your journaling. 

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Get Your Butt Out of That Rut! Kelli’s Excellent Adventure to Find Scrapbooking Inspiration with Kelli Crowe

Once upon a time, a mostly ordinary scrapbooker named Kelli lost her groove. In an attempt to get her butt out of a scrapbooking rut, she embarked on a quest to reignite her creative fire. If you’ve ever wanted to jumpstart your creative juices until they are pooling on the floor, then join Kelli Crowe for a series of challenges to help spark your inspiration!

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One and Done: Mini-Album in an Hour with Laura Denison

Take ONE sheet of 12 x 12 card stock, ONE 12 x 12 sheet of light chipboard, ONE small pad of patterned paper, and in about ONE hour have a complete mini album ready for photos and journaling. Okay, for some it may take a bit longer….but not by much! If you need a quick gift with WOW power or you are new to the mini-album craze, then this project by Laura Denison will rock your world. Make your album to fit any theme and add simple embellishments (or stuff it full with all your favorite odds and ends — it’s up to you!). It’s fast and easy, but more important, it’s FUN!

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The Boys Are Back in Town: Making Manly & Masculine Layouts with Jennifer Gallacher

Learn the secrets of masculine-centered scrapbooking! Whether you’re memory keeping for toddlers, teens or the special man in your life, this class focuses on the ins and outs of selecting patterns, textures and products for your layouts. Masculine design provides a fresh approach to storytelling!

This comprehensive course with Jennifer Gallacher covers both thematic and emotional scrapbooking for boys and men. The tutorial focuses on the planning process and the completion of two start-to-finish layouts. Instructional materials include the process and philosophy of masculine scrapbooking, as well as, showcase both the two video projects and three BONUS projects. Additional inspiration and ideas are also provided!

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Tag! You’re It! Using Tags as Canvases for Inspiration, Experimentation, and Play with Nic Howard

Tags are so versatile! They are quick, easy, they are the perfect size for technique experimenting and the result can be used in so many ways! Join Nic Howard as she uses papers, chipboard, stamps, photos, paints and a whole lot of other cool stuff from her stash to create mini masterpieces that will inspire and motivate.

Each tag is designed to inspire in a different way and teach techniques you can apply to your own projects at home. Whether you are a scrapbooker, a card maker, dabble in mixed media art or just want to play with awesome technique, this class is perfect for you – creating tags and learning how to use them in your projects, what could be more fun?!

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Story Core Design: A Storytelling Process for Scrapbooking with Noell Hyman

Do you stare at a mostly blank page for too long while you scrapbook? Do you get excited about fabulous photos, only to find you’re lacking an equally fabulous idea for your page? Do you spend too much time hunting for inspiration or moving things around the page, and not completing enough layouts?

Story Core Design will help you with all of these challenges. Story Core Design is Noell Hyman’s own scrapbooking process, and it has a built-in inspiration system so you’re never without ideas. It narrows down placement and product options for you and eliminates overwhelm from beginning to end. You’ll spend less time hunting for the perfect products and very little time moving things around the page.

In this presentation for True Scrap you’ll see this entire process in action!

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Everyday Portraits: Capturing Personality Through the Lens with Katrina Kennedy

Are you tired of your everyday portraits looking posed and unnatural? Are you ready to capture your subject’s personality with less effort, stress, and gear? Join Katrina Kennedy as she shows you the best lenses, light, angles, techniques and a few quick edits to improve your everyday portraits. We’ll explore classic, environmental, group, and candid portraits for the everyday photographer.

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The Art of Layering: Tips & Tricks for Creating Dimensional Scrapbook Layouts with Nichol Magouirk

Adding layers to your scrapbook pages doesn’t have to mean unnecessary bulk in your albums. In the “Art of Layering” Nichol Magouirk will focus on design tips and tricks for adding dimension and interest to your scrapbook layouts through the addition of creative layers.

Some of the techniques we will discuss are ideas for successfully mixing and matching patterned papers, mass-producing often used die cut elements for ease of use, combining custom die cut pieces with pre-made product like stickers and stamping, how to add those perfect finishing touches with just the right embellishments and how to machine stitch layers on your layout and more.

This jam-packed class will showcase eight brand new layouts plus additional ideas and helpful hints, tips for building your own scrap stash for easy layering (or using the things you already have), complete supply lists for each project and step-by-step instructions in the accompanying full color PDF handout. Let’s take layering to the next level!

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Stretch Your Sketch: Take Creative Control of Your Scrapbook Sketches with Gretchen Schmidt

It’s time to take creative control of those sketches and make them work for you. Join Gretchen Schmidt as she shows you how to adapt several sketches into different sizes of scrapbooking layouts, cards, and even a mini-album! Spend more time scrapbooking and less time trying to figure out what goes where. Learn how to make multiple layouts from one sketch like a pro and get those layouts done.

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DON’T Say “Cheese:” Natural Kid Photography with Katrina Simeck 

Are your scrapbooks & photo albums filled with snapshots of the “say cheese” face? Do you want to capture more natural photos of your kids? Scrapbooker, photographer, and mom Katrina Simeck will show you the way with tips for natural smiles, fun posing, and candid photos (even of rebellious teens!).

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All About Actions: Photoshop Actions for Beginners with Jessica Sprague

Photoshop ACTIONS are a great way to speed up your photo editing workflow! In short, actions are a series of pre-set steps that alter the color, brightness, contrast, and/or tone of your image, all while you sit back and watch the automated magic. In this class, Jessica Sprague will show you how to install and run actions on your photos using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Packed with detailed info, and complete with plenty of links to free and low-cost actions, this class walks you through from start to finish. You’re sure to fall in love!

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Your Memory File: A New Approach to Scrapbooking with Heidi Swapp

Vintage Chic meets Primrose PINK! Pretty places to pack your memories! Memory Files have CHANGED everything about scrapbooking for veteran scrapper Heidi Swapp, completely re-igniting her passion and enthusiasm for memory keeping! She wants to share with you her philosophy and ideas for making the most of your time and creativity, and money, as you document the most precious parts of your life! Heidi will be sharing with you a HOW TO for making a memory file with tons of interactive bits and pieces on the inside…using her NEW Color Shine and Vintage Chic collections or items from your own stash. You will make something that you will forever treasure!

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Try Hybrid: Go-To Digital Techniques for Paper Scrapbookers with Jennifer Wilson

The digital scrapbooking world can be mysterious to memory keepers more comfortable with scissors and glue. In this class, Jennifer S. Wilson will demystify digital and share simple ways to use a computer for traditional scrapbooking. With software like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is easier than ever to crop photos perfectly and bring beautiful type to the paper page.