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[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Wondering What Others Are Saying About True Scrap?[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“I just wanted to say that you’ve really outdone yourself ~ Spawn of True Scrap was amazing!!! I got so many tips and ideas that I’m itching to get scrapbooking. Thank you so much for putting together this outstanding event. It was truly worth every single penny and I am already looking forward to the next True Scrap!” –Susan[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“It really was amazing. From an outsider’s eyes and someone, who has never done this before, it truly was an inspiration. I am so pumped and excited to try all these new scrapbooking ideas. I just love it.” – Gayle[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“It really passed all my expectations. I would be hard pressed to say which was my favorite class – I thought they were all wonderful. I’ll be watching them all again. I came away truly inspired and eager to start some of the new techniques.” – Sharon[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“I attended in the spring as well and both times left with my head spinning full of new ideas to try. All the classes were quality classes and worth every penny paid for the event…Very inspiring indeed. I’m thankful for people like you who give so much of themselves to prepare a product that is both quality and valuable. You’re the best.” – Donna[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“Thanks so much for such a great three days worth of inspiration. I am so happy to have been a part of such a wonderful gathering of wonderful women. I learned so much and can’t wait to get my hands dirty!” – Carol[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“Just wanted to say THANKS for a wonderful True Scrap experience. I really enjoyed the whole thing – content, camaraderie, and the ease of getting the information and videos was WELL worth it.” – Sherrie[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“I feel SO inspired, and I have so many wonderful resources now in which to look back and get RE-inspired – any time I want! I felt (it) was worth EVERY cent… Wow. What an experience!” – Jan[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]”My daughter and I have enjoyed your classes from true scrap–the spawn. We…are anxious to try out some of the new techniques and lessons given. You guys are great. It is always exciting to see what is new and learn… Thank-you for what you and all your instructors do for us.” – Tobey[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“I truly, truly enjoyed my True Scrap experience… You put together a WONDERFUL group of instructors, full of ideas, talent and inspiration. I have been scrapping for over 14 years and have never had so much fun and learn so many things in just one event. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone; especially to those who want to be inspired but are watching those pennies. True Scrap is definitely the best online event for your money- bar NONE!” – Janet[/content_box_paper_white]

[content_box_paper_white width=”75%”]“Thank you for the wonderful event! Can’t wait to go through all of the courses & try out the new ideas.” – Kathryn[/content_box_paper_white]

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