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Hey, Crafty!

We are thrilled to present 7 cutting-edge, inspiration-packed sessions… ALL included in your Truth Scrap pass! That’s right; for one low rate you get LIVE access to ALL seven classes below, PLUS a pre-event PJ party, PLUS unlimited replay access so you can watch again and again! Sign up NOW!

Lain Ehmann True Scrap Events Producer and Superhero

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Truth Scrap Includes the Following Amazing Classes:

Stephanie Ackerman – Hope Notes: Creating and Sharing Messages of Faith
Erin Bassett – Faithbooking: How (and Why) to Share Your Faith in Your Scrapbook
Andrea Chebeleu – Words to Live By: A Handmade Art Journal
Heather Greenwood – #ARTWORSHIP: Art Journaling Response to Jesus
Liz Hicks – The Art of Being HUMAN: A Creative Exploration of Our Basic Being and Purpose
Shanna Noel – Illuminated Manuscripts: Illustrating Your Journaling Bible
Donna Salazar – Cross-ology: Art and Heart for the Home

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Stephanie Ackerman – Hope Notes: Creating and Sharing Messages of Faith

Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder of hope to change our entire outlook. Simple ways to create notes of hope to encourage each other is exactly what Stephanie Ackerman’s class is all about! Using cardstock, paint, paper stitching and encouraging word artwork created by Stephanie exclusively for this class only, you’ll learn to create little cards to keep for ourselves and share with others. You’ll see just how easy – and inspiring – it is to create and offer small messages of faith.

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Erin Bassett – Faithbooking: How (and Why) to Share Your Faith in Your Scrapbook

Telling her family’s story with photos and words is one of Erin Bassett’s favorite things to do, and in this workshop, “Faithbooking: How to Share Your Faith in Your Scrapbook,” she will show you how easy and gratifying it is to incorporate your faith into your scrapbooks as a way to share your testimony with your friends, family, and future generations. Many of us hesitate sharing our faith because we’re intimidated with the “how,” but Erin solves that problem! She will share handy tips on how to highlight your beliefs and share what’s on your heart, as well as ways to add the rest of your family’s perspectives into your album. You’ll love seeing how easily you can develop meaningful pages after taking this class!

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Andrea Chebeleu – Words to Live By: A Handmade Art Journal

If you’ve been longing for a way to express your faith in full-color mixed-media, you’re going to love “Words to Live By: A Handmade Art Journal” by Andrea Chebeleu. In this workshop you will create from scratch a 6×6 art journal filled with lovely layers of acrylic color and patterns, and then you’ll learn five different ways to get color on your page using a variety of mark-making tools. Finally, you’ll get into the really important part…the words! Andrea will teach a a virtual toolbox of techniques, each of which can be mixed and matched to fashion totally unique pages filled with your favorite words of wisdom, such as favorite scriptures or inspiring quotes. Art journaling newbies, never fear! Let Andrea teach you how simple and foolproof coloring and lettering techniques can be when you keep just a few guidelines.

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Heather Greenwood – #ARTWORSHIP: Art Journaling Response to Jesus

Even as a worship leader in her church, Heather Greenwood had a hard time drawing close to God – until she started art journaling as a response to His Word. If you haven’t art journaled before or feel like you aren’t an artist, don’t worry. This will be easy – and it’s not about the art anyway! Let Heather walk you through her art worship process, including:
*reflecting on the notes
*creatively responding with paint, stamps and pens.
Let’s grab our notebooks, journals and just a few supplies and really draw closer to Jesus through our art worship.

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Liz Hicks – The Art of Being Human: A Creative Exploration of Our Basic Being and Purpose

In this class, Liz Hicks will take you on a creative exploration as you design a beautiful textured canvas full of mixed media and art techniques. This canvas will act as a truth statement of who you are to the core, using biblical verses or inspirational quotes to support your personal theme. “The Art of Being Human” will explore both sides of the creation equation: the beauty and fun of craft supplies, fine art materials and techniques, as well as the deep questions of who we are at the core and how we can help to identify our purpose and approach in this world. If you yearn to begin your faith journey in purpose and learn ways to connect with others in a warm, earnest and heartfelt way, then this class is perfect for you. You will explore your purpose as you create a work of art steeped in love, vulnerability, compassion and trust.

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Shanna Noel – Illuminated Manuscripts: Illustrating Your Journaling Bible

For years, Shanna Noel struggled to read her Bible in a meaningful way. “I always wished I was more like that, that I LOVED to read my bible, that I even wanted to, but the truth is often times I felt like it was more of a chore than anything else,” she says. One day, though, she saw an image of a Bible all marked up, highlighted and underlined, and something about that struck a chord in her. She went online and ordered yet another new Bible – but this time it was a journaling Bible. “When I started to use the journaling Bible, a light bulb went off!” she explains. “I needed to have a place in my Bible for reflection, creativity, and journaling, and that is exactly what this new format provided.” Now, Shanna has taken her discoveries and is presenting them in a cohesive manner. You can join her as she shares how she uses her journaling Bible in a colorful and creative way that allows for personal growth, reflection and illustration.

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Donna Salazar – Cross-Ology: Art and Heart for the Home

Donna Salazar brings faith and home decor together in her “Cross-ology” class. Donna as well as some of her friends and family have joined in the “Cross Wall Craze”. If you’ve recently visited any of the home decor outlets you may have seen a HUGE selection of home decor crosses. Filling a wall with even the most inexpensive of these crosses could cause you to break the bank. This class is jam packed with ideas and inspiration for making some of your own crosses for a fraction of the cost… and creating some of these crosses to hang on your walls will give you an artistic way to display your faith. Donna will show you several different types and styles of home decor crosses with step by step instructions on how to make a few of them. These crosses range from the “super simple make in 5 minutes” type to more elaborate crosses that can take you a couple of hours. You won’t want to miss this inspirational and technique filled class.

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“Lain! Only $149 for ALL 7 Classes PLUS Replays? I CANNOT MISS THIS!”


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